Class Parliament Minutes

12th September 2014

Suggestions and concerns raised to the committees and teachers:

  • Can Health and Welfare organise teacher vs. student sporting competitions?
  • How is the Environment Committee fixing up the issue of sticks and mud in the netball poles?
  • There was congratulations to the Entertainment Committee on the successful disco last night!
  • When will the teacher vs. students competitions will take place?
  • Will the Gala Day be made up? Yes, the date is yet to be organised.
  • When will the Screen Dress Up Day take place? Not quite sure but we will get back to you.
  • Are we getting a dog? The school is on the waiting list to get a retired guide dog, however, we will are not sure when that will happen.
  • Are we getting a new rabbit? Mrs Vine has given Keera the job of finding a rabbit for our school. There are rumours that we may be getting a pig. Apparently, Keera has the option to get a teacup pig or rabbit. Keera will need to set up a survey monkey which will posted up on Edmodo.
  • Can we have workshop on Stop Motion animations? I think they went really well.
  • Have a provocation where we go outside.

Committees report:

  • ICT & Entertainment: Screen Dress Up Day coming up
  • Health and Welfare: Dress up as your favourite sports hero.
  • Environment: Designing a route for Bike Ed, designing a nursery and a mud pizza

Popcorn capacity

Yesterday the Pythagoras group were given the challenge to create a container that could hold the most popcorn possible. Groups were given an A4 sheet of paper, a pair of scissors and 30cm of sticky tape. One group was able to use the sticky tape to create extra length to the edge of their container by using the sticky tape. We found out that containers with a smaller height and width didn’t hold as much as the containers with larger depth. Have a look at the containers below, which one do you think held the most amount of popcorn?

20140908_104322 20140908_104328 20140908_104402 20140908_104953 20140908_105203 20140908_105425

EAL Assembly

Last week the EAL students in Grade 5/6 had the opportunity to run a school assembly. Their assembly consisted of a variety of things which included dancing and reading. Here are some photos from their assembly. Leave us some feedback on what you though about their assembly.

20140828_090727 20140828_091614



Measuring and converting

In our math investigation groups we have been looking at a variety or measurement concepts. The Pythagoras group have been looking at converting between metric units and have discovered that we can multiply or divide by powers of 10 to convert between different metric units.

Last week the group had a go at measuring different things, which included; their body weight, the length of their feet, the weight of their school bags and etc. Once the students had collected their measurements, they had a go at converting it into another metric unit. Below are some photos of students measuring things and one another.

20140902_101300 20140902_101254 20140902_101514 20140902_101724

Our new class friends

Have a look at our new class mates! What shall we call them? What movie foursomes could we name them after? A HUMUNGOUS thank you to Brendan and Tony for setting up their new home and a BIG thank you to Ms Taylor for lending us the Grade 2 fish tank!

We can’t wait to hear your ideas for their names!


Pythagoras Treasure Hunt

Imanya, Sandra and Abeer created a treasure hunt for the Pythagoras Math Group which incorporated questions about 24 hour time, international time zones and the Fifa World Cup 2014. Some students had a tricky time deciphering the clues to find the spots where they would find their questions. It was obvious that all students thoroughly enjoyed this activity! Well done girls.


What’s for lunch?

Today I ate at the Riverhead Tavern and had some delicious fried squid and chips. I have taken a photo of the menu for you.


Can you ask five friends what they would order from the menu and then work out the cost in NZ dollars. What would the equivalent cost be in AUS dollars? How about Euros? What about the equivalent cost in Yen? And the US dollar? What other currencies can you convert the cost of your meals to????